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Nils Friedl - violin
Ionas Mercadal - clarinet
Nino Gurevich - piano

Trio Somni successfully emerged on concert stage throughout Europe in 2018. From 2020 violinist Nils Friedl joined the founding members Ionas Mercadal (clarinet) and Nino Gurevich (piano).

This musical group is truly a joyful friendship of like-minded, passionate musicians who are able to communicate their musical ideas masterfully both with each other and with audiences who enjoy their high quality music-making. Two high talented virtuous young musicians with an experienced professional pianist deliver ardour, excellence, dynamic interpretation, sensitivity, virtuosity, offer wide range of repertoire and a unique sound colour.

In April 2022 the trio was awarded first prize in the chamber music category in the International competition "Musikalisches Feuerwerk Baden-Württemberg" in Karlsruhe (Germany). This was followed in June 2022 by First Prize and a scholarship in the “IX Stockholm International Music Competition", in September 2022 by the first prize in the 9th "Heirs of Orpheus" Competition in Bulgaria and in November 2022 by another First Prize in the "Stars at Tenerife" International Competiton. Trio Somni was second prize winner at the Music International Grand Prix in New York in April 2024.  

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